Our Purpose: Make

Sober Living

a Recovery Experience.

Our Message:

We celebrate the effort and courage put forth when embarking on the life-changing journey of recovery.

We believe that any addict/alcoholic asking for help is ready. We also recognize that resistance is the natural challenge in the recovery process. We understand the recurring inner conflict, outside stressors and overwhelming feelings that can undermine even our best efforts at recovery. We pledge to provide motivation.

In our extended aftercare program we believe in the necessity of developing and reinforcing ongoing recovery tools and assist in establishing an informed, solid recovery foundation. We reinforce involvement in 12-step fellowships. We create an atmosphere of acceptance in an upscale sober living environment and strive to inspire a sense of belonging.

We offer our expertise.

Venera M. Blish, CCDC, NCRC

Venera M. Blish, CCDC, NCRC

Executive Director, Legacy


Jessica Earnhardt, BA, CCDC

Jessica Earnhardt, BA, CCDCJessica Earnhardt, BA, CCDC

Executive Director, Legacy