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The Legacy Sober Living Team

The team at Legacy has extensive experience in recovery, treatment and sober living. The principles are hands-on and have daily interaction with the LEGACY community. In addition, we have on-site house managers, a community coordinator and operations manager to ensure we maintain a safe and secure environment for all.

Venera M. Blish, CCDC, NCRC
Founder, Executive Director

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Venera’s recovery date is 10/5/1988. Her career started in 1991 at Cedars-Sinai Treatment Center where she was a counselor for several years, until the unit closed. From there she went on to work at several of the most prestigious chemical dependency treatment centers on the Westside of Los Angeles. She has worked as an inpatient counselor, outpatient counselor, family counselor, in-take director at a hospital program. She then developed Encore Relapse Prevention Education, which specializes in relapse prevention. She is a certified chemical dependency counselor and relapse prevention specialist.

UCLA Alcohol and Drug Studies
UCLA Alcohol and Drug Counseling
National Board of Addiction Examiners
National Association of Forensic Counselors
Growth Institute National Certified Relapse Counselor

Jessica Earnhardt, BA, CCDC
Founder, Executive Director

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Jessica’s recovery date is 6/10/1998. Jessica’s experience began with Promises Treatment Center in 1999. She has over 10 years experience as a counselor, the director of a woman’s program, the director of sober living facility and a private sober coach.

Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor
Institute of Advanced Counseling

Kim Blish
Operations Manager

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Kim is the one non-addict/alcoholic in the team. She makes sure the houses are running smoothly, maintains the inventories and oversees quality control.

Claire Huber
Community Coordinator

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Claire’s recovery date is June 25, 2004. She is a LEGACY alumni and former house manager. Claire coordinates clients, house managers and alumni to ensure the community is running smoothly. She makes sure policies and procedures are upheld and monitors quality control.

Billy Schreurs
12-step motivational guide

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Billy’s recovery date is April 19, 1998. Billy is a private recovery coach with a background working in high-end treatment facilities. Billy leads our recovery tools 12-step workshop and provides 12-step motivational guidance to residents and alumni.